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Frequently asked questions

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What is BTCDirect?

How do I know if I can trust you?

What is a bitcoin address?

What is a bitcoin return address?

What is a bitcoin wallet?

I want to buy bitcoins, but my bank account is being blocked?

What determines the value of one bitcoin?

Do you think the rate will continue to rise?

Why does the rate of bitcoin fluctuate so greatly?

Buying bitcoins at BTCDirect: how does that work?

Is this your first order?

Selling bitcoins to BTCDirect: how does that work?

I have received an email, but I cannot find the bitcoins in my wallet?

I have completed the transaction, but I have not received an email?

Can I also buy litecoins or other altcoins through you?

What fees apply?

I want to buy bitcoins for more than €10.000. Is that possible?

I have not received a text message. What do I do?

How do I take a print screen?

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    Our immediate payment methods guarantee immediate execution of your order. You save valuable time and benefit from rate increases immediately.

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    Active since June 2013, we use our expertise for you. All communication with our website takes place in an SSL secure environment.

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    We are happy to be fully transparent about our practices and fees. See our FAQ for a detailed description of our working method.

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    Our simple interface guarantees ease of use. Buying bitcoins has never been so easy.