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Frequently asked questions

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What is BTC Direct?

Why should I choose for BTC Direct?

Which fees do I pay?

Why do I have to send a picture of my identity card or passport?

Does BTC Direct store my coins for me?

Which countries are supported?

Do you offer live support as well?

At which times is the support available?

I believe I can add something to your team, when can I start?

Does BTC Direct offer consulting, seminars, etc.?

What happens if BTC Direct goes bankrupt?

What is the minimum amount I can buy for?

Which payment methods can I use?

How long before I receive my coins?

Which wallet do I use?

Can I make payments from someone else’s bank account or credit card?

I have to enter a bitcoin address, what’s that?

I’m the victim of a cryptolocker/ransomware virus, what should I do?

I have bought coins but I haven’t received them yet, what gives?

It says the bitcoin address I try to enter is incorrect, now what?

Can I use my credit card to buy cryptocurrencies?

What are my transaction limits?

I want to buy cryptocurrencies for an amount larger than €25,000, is that possible?

Why is my transaction still unconfirmed?

My bank blocks my payment to BTC Direct, what should I do?

I receive an error message when I try to make a payment, why is that?

Why can’t I pay with PayPal?

Why do I have to send a proof of payment when I make a bank transfer?

How can I activate my account?

Why did I receive an email with a request to provide additional information?

How can I change my password?

How can I change my email address?

Why is the ID card or passport I’m trying to sent you declined?

How can I close my account?

Can I buy cryptocurrencies anonymously?

I don’t receive the SMS with my verification code, now what?

Why don’t I receive the email with my verification link?

What is bitcoin?

What determines the value of one bitcoin?

Do you think the price will increase?

What’s a bitcoin wallet?

How many bitcoins are there?

What’s the maximum amount of bitcoins that is ever going to be created?

Is bitcoin anonymous?

Can someone steal my cryptocurrencies?

How do I store my coins safely?

Why do you not recommend sending coins from an exchange?

I have sent the coins but it took longer than 60 minutes, what will happen now?

I have sent the coins but my order was cancelled, now what?

When will the money be credited to my bank account?

I want to invest in something but the only way to do this is with bitcoins, should I be cautious?

I want to buy something in a webshop but the only way to do this is with bitcoins, should I be cautious?

  • Benefit immediately

    Our immediate payment methods guarantee immediate execution of your order. You save valuable time and benefit from rate increases immediately.

  • Safe and reliable

    Active since June 2013, we use our expertise for you. All communication with our website takes place in an SSL secure environment.

  • Fully transparent

    We are happy to be fully transparent about our practices and fees. See our FAQ for a detailed description of our working method.

  • User-friendly

    Our simple interface guarantees ease of use. Buying bitcoins has never been so easy.