About us

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Who are we?

In 2013, BTC Direct was founded. This makes us one of the oldest and most experienced cryptocurrency companies in Europe. Our team exists of over 30 professionals who all share the same vision. We strive to do our job a little better every single day, keeping transparency and decentralization in mind.

But why?

During the global financial crisis of 2008, one thing became very clear: the current monetary system is flawed and has a lot of limitations. Someone who noticed this was Satoshi Nakamoto. He created Bitcoin and made it world-known by publishing his now famous white paper in 2009. In this paper he described his vision on a future world that was open, decentralized and transparent. We share his vision and want to make it a reality.

How do we do that?

We believe cryptocurrencies are the best way to reach Satoshi’s dream. Cryptocurrencies can create a better world, when they are widely accepted. To help build this new world we are making it as easy as possible to obtain cryptocurrencies. We’re at your service on a daily basis, to provide you with the best possible service.

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