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Would you like to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in a fast, easy and safe manner? Then you've come to the right place! We’re making bitcoin, altcoins, and other blockchain assets accessible for everyone, and have been doing so since 2013. Our team exist of a highly motivated group of profesionals with just one mission: to increase the acceptance of bitcoin in Europe (and to improve our Mario Kart highscores). 


325.000 +


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Meet our team (at least, some of us):

Arisha van Alebeek

Arisha van Alebeek

Social Media & Marketing

Arisha has been involved with BTC Direct right from the start. With her smooth chat and writing skills, she is perfact as a social media marketeer. However, since Arisha discovered Zelda she does nothing but beating monsters!

Moral compass

Adger Jooren

Adger Jooren

Risk analyst

As a risk analyst, Adger examines the cryptocurrency prices on a daily basis. With his experience in currency trading, he is completely at home with his job. Adger already has ignited his family with the bitcoin virus. Even the youngest member already has a wallet!

Father of two

Daniël Kruisselbrink

Daniël Kruisselbrink

Customer Support

Daniël will always answer your chats, mails and phone calls with a smile. Do you want to upgrade your account to the Satoshi level? Or do you have a question about your bitcoin wallet? It's a walk in the park for him!

Real crypto lover

Frank Smits

Frank Smits

Content & Communication

Frank writes articles for the BTC Direct website and blog. He has not been in the crypto world for very long, but learns something new every day. That is the beauty of crypto, you never get lost! A tad coffee addicted.

Faint word jokes

June 2013

BTC Direct is founded in Nijmegen by bitcoin believers

May 2016

Our platform has more than 100,000 registered users

June 2018

We start paying our employees in bitcoin which makes us the first company in the Netherlands to do so

October 2015

We add litecoin and ether to our platform

November 2017

Our bitcoin research made headlines in he Netherlands