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Buying litecoins

Litecoins are managed from a wallet, just like with bitcoins. Setting up a litecoin wallet is free and with our instruction video just a matter of minutes. For the crypto enthusiast that don’t like watching video’s our team has a written tutorial on setting up a litecoin wallet here.

Planning to invest a significant amount in litecoin? For those type of investors we absolutely recommend choosing to manage your funds using a so called hardware wallet. Hardware wallets offer the highest security standards and a great ease of use. Another great feature is the option to store multiple coins on a single hardware device. For example, the Ledger-Nano-S hardware wallet offers Litecoin, Ether and Bitcoin storage. To buy a Ledger directly click here. Please note that delivery takes 3-5 business days.

Does the term hardware wallet sounds technical by itself and would you like a more detailed and personal consult? Than please have a look here, where we give a description of the workshop we offer.

How to buy litecoins

You can buy your litecoins quickly and easily using our trading platform. Simply enter the number of litecoins you want in the calculator above and the price will be displayed instantly. When you rather invest a fixed amount in euros just enter the amount you would like to invest. The calculator will show the number of litecoins to be received. At BTC Direct, the offered pricing and number of coins to be delivered is guaranteed.

After entering the preferred amount select the green button that says “buying litecoins”. You will then end up on the order form. Enter your litecoin wallet address and choose your preferred method of payment. After finalising the payment in a secured environment we ask you to approve the sending of the coins by checking on your litecoin receive address and click on the “Send Coins” button.  

At BTC Direct we deliver your litecoins directly from our own supply. When choosing one of our direct payment methods like credit card, Giropay or Sofortbanking the litecoins will be delivered almost instantly. When choosing a bank transfer delivery will take place on the day that the payment has been received by our bank. In all cases prices are fixed and determined on the moment of placing the order.

Some useful tips

Before investing into cryptocurrencies like litecoin it is of great importance to make sure you inform yourself on the risks involved. Prices are extremely volatile. Spreading your investment into small pieces would prevent significant short term losses and would give a more average investment price. Multiple entry points over time could also save you a lot of worries when prices plump shortly after entering the market.

Furthermore we always advise to start with a small test order. This would allow you to get a feeling on how to use the litecoin wallet. When you are absolutely sure you understand how the wallet functions you could start to increase your investment. Whether choosing the Electrum litecoin wallet or  the Ledger hardware wallet, make sure you do your homework and test the wallet and it’s functionality properly. Furthermore make sure you have stored your password and recovery seed in a safe place.

For any questions left our technical support team is ready to help out! We have a broad knowledge and understanding of the wallet software functionality. To reach out just start a chat on the bottom right of this webpage.