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  • Mike Hutting

    Chief Executive Officer

    I have completed my Bachelor of Commerce in 2007, and I have now been an entrepreneur for over six years. Being exposed to Bitcoin in early 2013, I immediately became very interested and so I started looking for opportunities to add something to the prevailing Bitcoin climate. A team-up with Davy Stevens and Mark Bakker was the first step towards the establishment of the bitcoin platform BTCDirect. With BTCDirect, my colleagues and I aim to support the further acceptance of Bitcoin within Europe and to make Bitcoin accessible and understandable. As the Chief Executive Officer, I am closely involved in all business processes and responsible for strategic policy.

  • Davy Stevens

    Chief Communications Officer

    While studying Dutch law, I became so interested in and amazed at how our monetary system works, that I decided to switch and study Economics. At the end of 2012, I was exposed to Bitcoin. The unprecedented opportunities of Bitcoin and the superiority compared to the current online payment methods fascinate me the most. I am convinced that in the future, peer-to-peer money will be a matter of course. As director of communications, I am responsible for the development, design and implementation of our communication strategy and I act as a central point of contact for (inter)national media and public relations. With BTCDirect, my colleagues and I support the further acceptance of bitcoin in the Netherlands.

  • Company

    Since mid-2013, BTCDirect acts as an agent in the buying and selling of bitcoins. We put our expertise and experience to use for you and we offer you a user-friendly platform on which you can buy and sell bitcoins quickly, easily and trustworthily.

    If you encounter a problem during a transaction, our helpdesk is ready to help you. Our staff is happy to guide you through the buying and selling process to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Please feel free to contact us via the contact page on our website. We currently support the languages English and Dutch.

    Safety, speed and ease of use are the three priorities of BTCDirect. With our passion for Bitcoin, we strive to optimize our service every day. Meanwhile we have been of service to numerous satisfied customers.

  • Mission

    Providing a platform to support the further acceptance of bitcoin on which we make bitcoin accessible, understandable and applicable.

  • Vision

    Positioning BTCDirect as a stable and reliable platform.