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Frequently asked questions

What is the address of BTC Direct?

BTC Direct
Kerkenbos 1025
6546 BB Nijmegen
K.V.K. 59383607
B.T.W. NL8534.52.374.B01

What are BTC Direct’s fees?

The fees on our platform are currently as follows:

  Buy Sell
BTC 2% 1%
ETH 3% 2%
LTC 3% 2%
BCH 3% 2%
XRP 3% 2%

There are also fees for the various payment methods that you can choose from. The fee for a bank transfer for instance is €0.50 per transaction. All fees are clearly stated on your order form before you make the payment.These fees are already included in the prices you see on our homepage.

Would you like to place an order of €50,000 or more? We recommend our Private Trading service​ for a reduced fee.

How long before I receive my coins?

We try our best to send out your coins within two minutes after you have authorized your order. Luckily, we succeed in this mission most of the time.

However, below are some possible exceptions. We always notify you by email in these cases.

  • This is your first order (with a new bank account). In this case we will have to verify your order manually. If you make your first order outside of business hours it will thus take a bit longer.
  • Your account documentation is not complete yet. Check your email inbox for further instructions.
  • You have paid by bank transfer. We wait until the payment is credited to our bank account before we send out your coins. The price is fixed at the moment you place the order.
  • The order you placed exceeds a certain limit. Depending on the payment method, we may put your order on hold for a so-called cooldown period (one time only) for a maximum 48 hours. You can find more information on the order form.

You can look onto the blockchain yourself to see what transactions have happend on the given address. When you for example buy bitcoin on our platform you can visit blockchain.info and fill in your bitcoin address in to top right corner to find all transactions that took place.

Which wallet should I use for Bitcoin?

It’s very important to manage your bitcoins safely. We assist in buying and selling bitcoins, but you are responsible for managing them yourself. This is the beauty of Bitcoin: you are your own bank!

To manage your bitcoins, you first need to create a bitcoin wallet, which is similar to a digital bank account. There are wallets in all shapes and sizes, and you are free to choose which wallet you would like to use. For beginners we recommend the online wallet BTC.com.

Check out the Bitcoin wallet page in our Trading guide to learn all all the ins and outs of creating a bitcoin wallet and managing your coins safely.

Which payment methods can I use?


An increasing amount! The list currently consists of the following: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Sofortbanking, Giropay, iDEAL, and Bancontact. Some of these payment methods are country specific. Please note that a Bank Transfer can take 2-3 business days to process.

On our homepage you can find the possible payment methods.