The world is changing rapidly. Savings accounts hardly yield anything anymore. Money is printed without restriction which causes inflation to rise continuously. So why receive your salary in euros or dollars? It is time for an alternative. It is time for bitcoin.

Since 2018, we help companies pay their employees (a part) of their salary in bitcoin. Does your company focus on payroll or does your company offer payroll software packages? And would you like to offer bitcoin as a salary? We can help you with that.


Laws regarding salary in bitcoin varies per country. Contact us without any obligation. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

3 benefits of a bitcoin salary

✓ You show that your organization is progressive and innovative

The world is accepting bitcoin, but at the same time, this cryptocurerncy is still in its infancy. This offers incredible opportunities. Innovative companies such as Tesla, PayPal, Square and MicroStrategy have recognized this and have each invested in bitcoin in their own way. You'd like to see your company in this lineup, right?

✓ You help with the acceptance of bitcoin

Bitcoin is popular among investors. But to be accepted as money, it's also important that salary can be paid in bitcoin. By offering salary in bitcoin, you are helping to increase the global acceptance of bitcoin.

✓ You'll attract a broad group of potential employees

Bitcoin is going mainstream. By offering bitcoin as a salary, you are attracting a large group of potential employees. The cryptocurrency is being embraced by more and more groups, such as millennials and tech enthusiasts.

Saving with salary in bitcoin

Since June 2018, we pay our employees partly in bitcoin. Most employees choose to deposit 100 euros per month. The average employee has deposited 3,500 euros (gray line). That deposit is worth almost 28,000 euros in April 2021 (blue line). 

Historical performance per month

Year Month Bitcoin Result
2018 june 0,01888305 787,15%
  juli 0,01469064 590,19%
  august 0,01682399 690,42%
  september 0,01713462 705,01%
  october 0,01775205 734,02%
  november 0,02831933 1230,48%
  december 0,03141906 1376,11%
2019 january 0,03309101 1454,66%
  februari 0,02967731 1294,28%
  march 0,02799723 1215,35%
  april 0,02145466 907,97%
  may 0,01277706 500,28%
  june 0,01001584 370,56%
  july 0,01171595 450,43%
  august 0,01091200 412,66%
  september 0,01351343 534,88%
  october 0,01188343 458,30%
  november 0,01464143 587,88%
  december 0,01546433 626,54%
2020 january 0,01226329 476,15%
  february 0,01267682 495,58%
  march 0,01641123 671,02%
  april 0,01402219 558,78%
  may 0,01202137 464,78%
  june 0,01228805 477,31%
  july 0,01074356 404,75%
  august 0,01042503 389,78%
  september 0,01067682 401,61%
  october 0,00859841 303,97%
  november 0,00705386 231,40%
  december 0,00520000 144,30%
2021 january 0,00388313 82,44%
  february 0,0022072 24,67%
  march 0,0022072 3,70%
  april 0,00222086 4,34%
  Investment in euros €3.500,00  
  Total received 0,496312  
  Value investment per 07/05/2021 €23.317,00  
  Result €23.317,44 556,21%

Investing a fixed amount each month is also known as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). This is a popular investment strategy that is not only used in the crypto world.

The idea of DCA is that you spread your investment over several moments. In this way you are less affected by extreme price fluctuations.

Do you believe bitcoin will continue to rise in value over the long term, and can you set aside some money each month? Then this is an excellent strategy.

The advantage of salary in bitcoin is that you receive a fixed portion in bitcoin from us every month. So you don't have to make an effort to buy bitcoin yourself every month.

"Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular and we are excited to offer our employees this option!"

- Immensus Group, largest Franchisee of Domino's Pizza the Netherlands

Pay bitcoin salary quickly and easily

Pay bitcoin salary quickly and easily

In 3 steps


1. Determine the amount in Bitcoin

Your employees can choose how much salary they would like to receive in bitcoin.

Your employee will create their own wallet. We can help you choose a secure bitcoin wallet.

Up to what amount can you receive salary in bitcoin? That depends on the applicable laws in your country. We are happy to look into the possibilities with you.


2. Send salary in bitcoin

We arrange monthly payouts for your employees in bitcoin.

We buy the bitcoin at the end of the month at the current rate. Is today's bitcoin price 50,000 euros, and your employee wants to receive 100 euros of BTC? Then we will send 0.002 bitcoin to his or her wallet. Does an employee want to change the amount? No problem, you can notify us on a monthly basis.


3. Pay afterwards

Receive a monthly invoice and pay afterwards. It' s that easy!

Receive a monthly invoice and pay afterwards. It' s that easy!

Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Finance

Founded in 2013 as a crypto broker, the Netherlands-based BTC Direct also provides a crypto trading app called BLOX and a private trading desk.

Business Insider
Business Insider

Buying and selling Bitcoin is easiest at an online cryptocurrency broker such as BTC Direct.


BTC Direct, one of Europe’s leading cryptocurrency companies, has always strived to be on the forefront when it comes to complying with regulators.


Netherlands-based fiat-to-crypto gateway BTC Direct has raised a little under $13 million in a series A funding round led by undisclosed investors.

Why do we do this?

Bitcoin was developed in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. No one knows who he is. Perhaps it is even a group of individuals. Nakamoto envisioned developing a decentralized and digital money system.

Over the years, bitcoin has evolved from a toy for techies to a proven store of value. Bitcoin is digital gold, a way to secure your wealth. 

We have been in business since 2013, and as of 2018 we started paying our employees in bitcoin. A scoop: we are the first Dutch company to do this.

We notice that there is an increasingly broad acceptance in Europe for salary in bitcoin. That is why we have expanded our service. Does your company focus on payroll or offer payroll software packages, and would you like to offer salaries in bitcoin? With our years of experience in the bitcoin industry, we can help you with that.


Frequently asked questions

What does bitcoin salary cost?

We charge a 2% transaction fee for sending bitcoin salary to your employees' wallet.

How long does a bitcoin transaction take?

This depends on how busy the bitcoin network is. When it's not too crowded on the network, a transaction is processed within 10 minutes. When it is busy, it may take longer.

Are employees under 18 allowed to receive salary in bitcoin?

That depends on the current laws in your country. Again, we are happy to look with you at what is possible.


Fill out the form below. Please mention the name of the company and how many employees are involved. We will contact you as soon as possible. Please note that we can only help large employers set up a bitcoin payroll system.

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Are you a freelancer, self-employed or employee? Then contact your client or employer and put the question there. If they cannot work it out, they can always contact us.