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About Bitcoin

To understand what Bitcoin is, we must distinguish between the Bitcoin communication protocol and bitcoins, the currency that operates on this protocol.

Bitcoin, the protocol, is similar to other known communication protocols, such as for the internet, email and Skype. The Bitcoin protocol has been around for 5 years now and enables something that has never been possible before: transferring value and ownership over the Internet without the intervention of a third party such as a bank. That makes these transactions faster and cheaper, and at the same time, one cannot commit fraud with them either. This overwhelming innovative technology will completely change the world of international payments.

What makes Bitcoin so unique?

The limited edition of 21 million makes sure that bitcoins are not subject to inflation, which is immediately one of the key features that make bitcoins such an attractive investment. The result is that a further growth of the Bitcoin economy will lead to an appreciation and increasing stabilization of the bitcoin rate. Bitcoin has superior characteristics compared to the current (online) payment methods. This therefore makes a further increase in the number of Bitcoin users and the Bitcoin economy in the near future very plausible.

Bitcoin opens new doors in the field of micro-payments, for example. Since a bitcoin can be divided into 100 million units, it is now possible to make payments for as little as one eurocent. With other payment methods, this is impossible due to the minimum fee they charge. Consequently, Bitcoin makes the world of online payments much more efficient, as taking out a subscription is no longer necessary. Now you can just pay a few cents for a song, movie, or article. This would be a significant saving for many people.

Bitcoin is the most important technological development since the internet.

Bitcoin makes it possible to send and receive unlimited payments worldwide with the speed of an e-mail at a fraction of the costs of the current payment methods. A bank account is unnecessary; using Bitcoin only requires an Internet connection. In this world, only 1 billion people have access to comprehensive banking services and nearly 3 billion people have access to internet, so Bitcoin allows for real (economic) freedom. High-quality cryptographic techniques and the combined computing power of the network guarantee safety. At time of writing, the computing power of the Bitcoin network is greater than that of the top 500 supercomputers in the world, which is still growing every month.

Buying a bitcoin or a part of a bitcoin might best be compared to buying a share in the internet in the early 90s, if it had been possible. The exact impact that the Internet was going to have was obviously impossible to predict, but the experts knew that the Internet had the potential to change the world. The same now applies to Bitcoin; it will start a revolution in several areas, starting with the payment system as we know it today.

Do not pass up on this opportunity to invest in your future and buy some bitcoins for an amount you can miss.

Bitcoin is still in its infancy; however, every day, dozens of new businesses start working on adding something to the Bitcoin infrastructure. The number of retailers that accept bitcoins grows steadily too. What exactly it is that Bitcoin is going to bring us remains unclear, but one thing is certain: it has the potential to change the world. Therefore, invest an amount in bitcoins you can afford to lose; plenty scenarios exist in which a bitcoin can be worth thousands of dollars.

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