Welcome to our affiliate program!

We’re happy to see you’ve chosen BTC Direct. On this page you’ll find everything you need to be a BTC Direct affiliate. For example, you can download banners here and find links to API’s or widgets.

After we’ve approved your application you have received an email from us which states your unique affiliate id. This number helps us to track traffic to our platform. When someone creates a BTC Direct account after he clicked your affiliate link you will receive a percentage of fee over all his or hers future purchases.

Would you like to refer someone to the English registration page and is your affiliate id ‘0000’? Than the link you will need to use looks like this: https://my.btcdirect.eu/en-gb/register?partnerId=0000

Would you rather refer someone to the German homepage and is your affiliate id ‘0000’? Then the link you will need to use looks like this: https://btcdirect.eu/de-at?partnerId=0000

As you can see it’s possible to make an affiliate link for every page you desire. You simply need to place ?partnerId=‘youraffiliatenumber’ behind the link. You can use these links on your website, a blog, in forum posts or emails and on YouTube. Please note that Reddit (/r/bitcoin) doesn’t allow affiliate links.


You can use these banners on your platform. Do you need a banner in a different language or size? Please contact us by email: [email protected].

Square banners Laying banners Standing banners


You could also place a partner widget on your website or blog. The widget looks like this:

The link for the widget is: <iframe src="https://my.btcdirect.eu/en-gb/partner/widget?pid=0" frameborder="0" border="0" style="widt: 200px; height: 250px; border:0;”></iframe>

Make sure you don’t forget to alter the number after =pid in the code to your unique affiliate id. Did you lose your affiliate id? Please contact us by email [email protected].


It’s also possible to show our current price feed on your platform.
Here you will find the link to our purchasing price feed:
Here you will find the link to our buying price feed:

The price feed we’ve linked above is set to show the price of 1 BTC. If you would like to give visitors of your platform the possibility to alter the amount in the calculator you will need to use these links:

Changeable purchasing price feed:

Changeable buying price feed:


We’ve noticed that many of our users find visual support really handy when it comes to more complex subjects. That is why BTC Direct has its own YouTube channel with lots of different content. For example, in tutorials we explain how to use our platform, how to set up a bitcoin or ether wallet and we publish technical analyzes. Feel free to embed our videos on your page, we expect this will lead to higher conversion.

How to buy bitcoin (and other crypto) with a credit card

Terms and conditions

Curious to our affiliate terms and conditions? Download the PDF-file below.

Affiliate terms and conditions