Today starts your journey into the wondrous world of cryptocurrency! ‘Dont trust, verify,’ is a concept that runs through our veins. We strongly believe that cryptocurrencies (bitcoin in particular) can change the world.

So get inspired by the bitcoin price predictions of Adger. Learn about oracles and smart contracts from Jerrymie. Or challenge the IT department for a thrilling fight on Smash Brothers. Everything is possible!

We’re not your average office company. Every year, we’re putting our limits to the test during the Viking Run. We were walking the polonaise with Ronnie Ruysdael on our fifth year anniversary. And during the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse, you can find all of your colleagues in the city centre.

On this page, you can find everything you need to know for a fantastic start at BTC Direct. Got any questions? Do not hesitate asking your colleagues!

Top 10 must read

•  The Bullish Case for Bitcoin Vijay Boyapati
•  Bitcoin Whitepaper Satoshi Nakamoto
•  Shelling Out: Origins of Money Nick Szabo
•  Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow model Plan B
•  A Cypherpunk's Manifesto Eric Hughes
•  Masters and Slaves of Money Robert Breedlove
•  The Bitcoin Reformation Tuur Demeester
•  Why Bitcoin Matters Marc Andreessen
•  Nakamoto Institute All quotes of Satoshi Nakamoto
•  The Island of Stone Money Jacob Goldstein

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•  BTC Direct Are you a support agent? Check out the knowledge base!
•  BTC Direct | Nieuws The best cryptorelated newswebsite available! (Dutch only)
•  BLOX Cool vibe right?
•  Bitcoin België Our newswebsite, tailored for Belgian users.
• The original website from Satoshi Nakamoto, where the first version of the whitepaper was published.
•  Coinwelt Our newswebsite, tailored for German, Swiss and Austrian users
•  Coin Marketcap For checking out all realtime coin prices
•  Coindesk Don't speak Dutch? Follow Coindesk for your daily portion cryptonews
•  Tradingview For all the technical forecasters
•  Bitcoin Github Are you a code nerd? Then the BTC Github is your holy grail.
•  Bonus: Twitter! Keep your #FOMO under control by following major bitcoiners.

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