Join the Revolution!

We believe cryptocurrencies need to be accessible and available to everyone. In order to make our beliefs a reality we’d like to partner up. Do you own a crypto-related website, blog or YouTube channel? Then we could use your help! We’ve designed our affiliate programme in a way that we will both benefit.

Affiliate Programme Features

  • For each purchase or sale that a referral makes on our platform, you receive 0.5% of the amount in question. So you can receive commission multiple times for a single referral!
  • You have your personal back-end login where you can manage your affiliate account on our website. Here you will find information on referrals, transaction history, personal settings, etc.
  • You get paid in euros, each yearly quarter. The minimum amount we pay is 100 euros. Have you earned less? Then the amount will be transferred and added to the next quarter, until you have at least 100 euros. This will then be paid out at the beginning of the following quarter.
  • We will provide you with a unique affiliate link. In addition, we have designed different kinds of banners which you can use to refer people to our platform.
  • You have the opportunity to display our current price feed on your platform.
  • If you want your users to have the possibility to change the amount of coins, then you can use the following links:  

Become an Affiliate

The more visitors buy or sell cryptos through your site on our platform, the more you earn. Does this appeal to you, and are you interested in becoming our partner? Or do you want more information? Send an email to [email protected]. We will contact you as soon as possible.