Take a young Chinese entrepreneur with boundless ambition and combine it with the world of cryptocurrencies: Tron is born! This crypto aims at decentralising the internet using blockchain technology.

Will the exchange rate support these ambitions? In this article, we'll look at the projections for the next few years. What are the projections for 2021 until 2025?

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Short-term expectations

Is now a a good time to buy Tron? Below we'll give you the short term projection by Tradingview:





Tron price prediction for the next few years

What do we expect the next few years? Below you can read the long-term projections of cryptocurrency analysis agency Coinpriceforecast.

Tron price prediction 2022

According to analysts, Tron will predominantly keep trading sideways in 2022. Midway into 2022, one TRX token is worth € 0.1154. The price rises slowly to € 0.1204 in December.

Monero forecast between 2023

The years after this, every Tron lover will have a blast, because the exchange rate will continue to rise. Analysts say TRX will reach its highest price since January 2018, at € 0.1475.

What will Tron be worth between 2024 and 2025?

Tron will continue to grow, reaching a high of nearly € 0.19 in 2024. One year later, Tron will even reach € 0.2318. This is an increase of over 995 % compared to 2021!

What are the expectations of Tron in 2030

Tron will keep on scoring in 2030. According to analysts, the cryptocurrency will close that year at a price of nearly € 0.32.

Year June December % compared to the start of 2021
2022   € 0,1204 448%
2023 € 0,1475 € 0,1459 564%
2024 € 0,1678 € 0,1894 762%
2025 € 0,2107 €0,2318 955%
2026 € 0,2527 € 0,2734 1.144%
2027 € 0,2917 € 0,3119 1.319%
2028 € 0,3320 € 0,3519 1.501%
2029 € 0,3289 € 0,3463 1.476%
2030 € 0,3065 € 0,3185 1.349%
2031 € 0,3328 € 0,2945 1.240%
2032 € 0,3060 € 0,3180 1.347%
2033 € 0,2814 € 0,2915 1.226%

Historical price analysis of Tron

What happened with the Tron exchange rate over the years? We'll give you an overview.


Tron entered the crypto market in September, at a value of € 0.002. This was perfectly timed - right in the middle of the bull market of 2017. The TRX exchange rate skyrocketed to € 0.038 by the end of the year.


While bitcoin was busy crashing, the party was just getting started for many alt coins, including TRX. Tron nearly achieved € 0.20. This is still the unbeaten all-time high.

But the party was over quickly. The market crashed and by the end of December, the price was barely € 0.02.


You can divide the following year into two chapters. The first half of the year, TRX traded within a margin of € 0.02 and € 0.03.

After summer ended, things went downhill. Tron closed the year at a price of € 0.01.


Until halfway into February, the exchange rate was doing alright. Tron rose to € 0.025, which meant its price more than doubled.

But then the Coronavirus hit, which affected the entire financial world. That goes for Tron as well. The cryptocurrency plummeted all the way down to € 0.007.

In hindsight, this would have been a great time to buy the dip. Tron recovered and continued its ascent, up to a value of € 0.03 in September. Finally, TRX concluded the year at a value of € 0.02, still double the price it had had at the start of that year!

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2 years

4 years

Will Tron rise in 2022 - 2025 ?

Prefer to watch a video? Check the projections for Tron for the next few years here.

Invest wisely

Tron is a promising coin, but be mindful that the crypto market is very volatile. That's why you should never invest more than you're prepared to lose. We also recommend you do your own research as well. On our news site, you can read the latest news on Tron. Good luck!