A hundred euros, a thousand euros, fifty thousand euros...
Bitcoin has reached many great milestones! The price increases go hand in hand with the growth and increasing adoption of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin started as a plaything for nerds, over a decade later it is legal tender in a country.

Will more countries follow suit? The next few years look like they will be very exciting. What do we expect for the long term.

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Bitcoin prediction for the short term

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Our forecast for the coming years

What do we expect the coming years? Different analysts, different opinions. Down below you read Coinpriceforecast's price predictions:

What are the Bitcoin predictions for 2022?

Will 2022 see new records? Analysts say it is expected, although the price increases won't be as spectacular as in 2021. Bitcoin is predicted to close 2022 around €58.869.

What are the Bitcoin predictions for 2022?

In the following year bitcoin will keep on rocketing. Analysts expect the price to reach €72.115 halfway through 2023. Bitcoin will end 2023 at €85.096

What are the Bitcoin predictions for 2024 and 2025?

After this bitcoin will start going for the psychological border of €100.000. Analysts expect that we will be reaching that milestone in the first half of 2025. Around christmas bitcoin will be around €114.429

What are the Bitcoin predictions for 2030?

Bitcoin will continue its growth until the end of 2029. Analysts expect that bitcoin will reach a temporary high of €152.267 during this time. In 2030 we will see a correction to €137.438, to then end the year on €143.948


June December % compared to the start of 2021
2022   € 58.869 147%
2023 € 72.115 € 85.096 258%
2024 € 97.860 € 93.360 293%
2025 € 103.863 € 114.249 381%
2026 € 123.244 € 133.328 461%
2027 € 120.366 € 125.654 428%
2028 € 133.732 € 141.756 496%
2029 € 144.611 € 152.267 540%
2030 € 137.438 € 143.948 505%
2031 € 150.426 € 133.660 462%
2032 € 139.128 € 144.572 508%
2033 € 149.993 € 155.393 554%


PlanB: Bitcoin to 1 Million in 2025

Or will we see even more fireworks? The most optimistic pricemodel was made by PlanB. PlanB has used the scarcity of bitcoin to create his stock-to-flow model in 2019.

The scarcity has been built into the protocol of bitcoin. There will be a maximum of 21 million bitcoins. The new supply of new bitcoins will also half every 4 years. During the bitcoin halfings.

Back to PlanB. His price model has proven suprisingly accurate in the past. If it stays that way these are the vlaues that PlanB predicts, the price can fluctuate enormously around these numbers. 

Year June December % compared to the start of 2021
2022 € 239.600 € 242.126 919%
2023 € 249.170 € 256.389 979%
2024 € 283.631 € 733.367 2.986%
2025 € 2.501.577 € 4.752.309 19.902%

Attention: The table above is a model price. The model roughly shows where the price will be going. The price can deviate from the real price of bitcoin.

The 2018 lowpoint was €2.700, about 50% more than the model predicted. The highs can also really deviate. Bitcoin reached €17.000 at the end of 2017, the model price had it around €5.000.

At first glance this scenario might not look realistic. But we also have to account for inflation. If inflation keeps rising, then a million in 2021 will not be the same as it will be in 2025.

Down below you can see the model PlanB along with the Bitcoin price. The dark blue line shows 1 standard deviation. The light blue line shows 2 standard deviations. As shown, the price moves within the width of the model.

Stock-to-flow graph bitcoin
Stock-to-flow graph bitcoin

Historical Bitcoin analysis

How did bitcoin develop over the years? An overview of the most important highs and lows.


Bitcoin started in 2009, en had no value yet. There no exchanges, and the coin was only known to a handful of programmers.

In 2010 an American programmer bought two pizzas for 10.000 bitcoin. Back then these coins had a value of around €35,00. We hope the pizzas were worth it: today those two pizzas would be worth millions.

The first bitcoin exchanges started popping up in the summer of 2010. Mt. Gox was the biggest one at the time. Trading bitcoin got much easier all of a sudden, and the price saw a new all time high of more than €1.000!


Early 2014 disaster struck. Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox went bankrupt, and that had its effects on the bitcoin price. The price dropped to €330 in march 2014

The following years were scarce, bitcoin kept trading between €200 en €300.


If you have been investing in bitcoin for a longer period you probably remember 2017. Bitcoin started the year at €860. While getting massive media attentionbitcoin reached a new high of around €17.000.


A new bear market followed: A time during which prices keep going down for a longer period of time. In Februari bitcoin took a nose dive down to €7.000.

For the majority of the year the price moved between €6.000 and €8.000. The fall period was especially frustrating for bitcoin investors. The price only moved with a couple of euro's per day.

Most analysts thought that the real bottom had been reached, but bitcoin took one last dive down in November. Bitcoin reached its real bottom on December 15th, the price at that point was €2.800.


the first two months looked good. Bitcoin was going towards the psychological barrier of €10.000

But then the corona virus struck the world. 12 March was an especially bad day for bitcoin. The price dropped down to €3.600

This was the perfect buying point for real daredevils. The price rebounded quikcly and around May bitcoin had almost returned to its February price. 

After that things progressed quickly. Insitutions got into the market and pushed bitcoin to new records around Christmas. Bitcoin closed the year around €23.500.

ROI Bitcoin



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3 years


5 years


Bitcoin prediction 2022-2030

Prefer video? Check out our price prediction video on Bitcoin for the coming years.

Invest safely

Bitcoin is a promising coin, but remember that the cryptomarket is very volatile. Never invest more than you are willing to lose. We also strongly advise you to do your own research. On our news site you can find the latest news on Bitcoin.