Protect yourself from inflation and negative savings rates with bitcoin. Set up your personal bitcoin savings plan today, from the minimum periodic amount of 30 euros. You can save your wealth in bitcoin as well as in other cryptocurrencies. You can manage your cryptocurrencies using your own wallet

Why save in cryptocurrencies? 

✓ High returns

Why leave your money in the bank with low or even negative interest rates? Bitcoin offers higher returns, especially in the long run.

✓ Choose your favourite coin

Besides bitcoin, you can also save in ethereum, ripple (XRP), litecoin and/or bitcoin cash. 

✓ Always in control

Choose the amount in euros and decide the frequency in which you want to receive them by starting a periodic bank transfer. Want to change your savings plan? You can modify the set-up at any time, any way you want.

✓ No stress

Invest in your favourite coin(s) automatically by spreading your risks: never worry about daily price movements again.

You can stop at any time by cancelling the periodic transfer.

Start saving in crypto

Start saving in crypto

In 3 simple steps


Enter your receiving address

Which coin do you want to receive? And to what address can we send your coins?

Which coin do you want to receive? And to what address can we send your coins?


In addition to bitcoin you also have the option to save in ethereum, ripple (XRP), litecoin or bitcoin cash. Enter the receiving address of your desired crypto. You can find this address in your own wallet.


Set up your savings plan

You will now receive your personal payment details. Go to your bank environment and start a periodic bank transfer of at least 30 euros.

You will now receive your personal payment details. Go to your bank environment and start a periodic bank transfer of at least 30 euros.


Do we receive a lower amount? Then we will not be able to purchase crypto for you and we will refund the amount.


Fill in all the details we provide. Do not forget to fill in your personal payment description.


Start saving!

With each periodic bank transfer, we automatically send the coins to you.

With each periodic bank transfer, we automatically send the coins to you.


When we receive a payment with your unique payment description, our system will immediately link it to your personal savings plan.


Do you want to save in several cryptocurrencies at once? Then repeat this step-by-step plan for another currency.

Security above all

How do you keep your coins safe? You can do so with a hardware wallet: a small device to manage bitcoins and other coins.

Well-known brands are Trezor and SafePal. A hardware wallet is by far the safest way to manage your cryptos. The access to your coins always remains offline, out of the reach of hackers!

You don’t have a hardware wallet yet? Order one today on our webshop. If you order your wallet before 23h30, it will be shipped the same day.

Choose your favourite(s)

The cryptocurrency in which you want to save is entirely up to you. You can even choose to save in several coins at once. That way, you could spread your risks.

For reference, take a look at the returns of the past years. Please note: past results offer no guarantees for the future.



1 year


3 years


5 years




1 year


3 years


5 years




1 year


3 years


5 years




1 year


3 years


5 years



Bitcoin Cash

1 year


2 years

4 years

Protect yourself from inflation

We don't want to give you investment advice and we certainly encourage you to do your own research. Bitcoin is the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, and has proven its worth in recent years. Therefore, we believe it is suitable for saving as a protection against inflation. 

Bitcoin is a unique digital store of value: its scarcity is defined by its protocol. In the future, only 21 million coins will be available.

The rate at which new coins are available halves approximately every four years. This event is also known as bitcoin halving. The supply of bitcoin is therefore limited, and this should have a positive effect on the price.

Food for thought: compare these characteristics with those of the euro. The maximum number of euros is not known, as the European Central Bank can print money without limits. Also the pace at which new euros flow into the market is unpredictable.

How do you notice this? The daily groceries and those beers at the bar are becoming more and more expensive. But in fact, it is not the products that are becoming more expensive - it is your money that is losing value. This is called inflation. Using bitcoin, you can protect yourself from inflation.

How much can I earn saving in crypto? 

Since June 2018, employees of BTC Direct have been receiving part of their salary in bitcoin. You can see this as an example of saving in bitcoin.

In this example, most employees have chosen to receive 100 euros in bitcoin per month. By the end of April 2021, we had already paid 3,500 euros in bitcoin salary. Due to the price rise, those bitcoins were worth 23,000 euros in April!

On the graph, the grey line represents the deposit in euros. The blue line represents the value of the bitcoins in euros.

Expand the box below for a detailed monthly overview:

Return on investment per month

Year Month Bitcoin Result
2018 June 0,01888305 787,15%
  July 0,01469064 590,19%
  August 0,01682399 690,42%
  September 0,01713462 705,01%
  October 0,01775205 734,02%
  November 0,02831933 1230,48%
  December 0,03141906 1376,11%
2019 January 0,03309101 1454,66%
  February 0,02967731 1294,28%
  March 0,02799723 1215,35%
  April 0,02145466 907,97%
  May 0,01277706 500,28%
  June 0,01001584 370,56%
  July 0,01171595 450,43%
  August 0,01091200 412,66%
  September 0,01351343 534,88%
  October 0,01188343 458,30%
  November 0,01464143 587,88%
  December 0,01546433 626,54%
2020 January 0,01226329 476,15%
  February 0,01267682 495,58%
  March 0,01641123 671,02%
  April 0,01402219 558,78%
  May 0,01202137 464,78%
  June 0,01228805 477,31%
  July 0,01074356 404,75%
  August 0,01042503 389,78%
  September 0,01067682 401,61%
  October 0,00859841 303,97%
  November 0,00705386 231,40%
  December 0,00520000 144,30%
2021 January 0,00388313 82,44%
  February 0,0022072 24,67%
  March 0,0022072 3,70%
  April 0,00222086 4,34%
  Paid in euros €3.500,00  
  Total bitcoins received 0,496312  
  Value as of 07/05/2021 €23.317,00  
  Profit €19.817,00 556,21%

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Save and protect your wealth with your favourite cryptocurrency. The coins will be sent periodically and automatically to your receiving address. We will provide you with all necessary payment details, including a unique payment description. You can then go to your bank account and set-up a periodic payment using the provided details. Don’t forget to fill in your unique payment description. After receiving each periodic bank transfer, we will automatically send cryptocurrencies to your wallet. It's that simple!

I want to change my savings plan, how does that work?

You can change the frequency and/or the amount of cryptocurrencies at any time. Simply change the recurring bank transfer within your banking environment. Do you want to receive another cryptocurrency? Then cancel your current periodic transfer. Afterwards, simply set up a new savings plan.

Can I save more than one cryptocurrency at a time?

Yes, you can. In that case, you can create two different savings plans. For example, you can choose to save 30 euros per month in ethereum, and 30 euros per month in bitcoin.

How can I stop my savings plan?

That’s very simple. You only need to cancel your recurring bank transfer. Automatic bitcoin investing will stop immediately.

I have some money left at the end of the month, can I buy crypto with it?

Yes you can! You do not need to change your savings plan for that. You can still buy bitcoin the way you are used to, and send it to the same wallet. Of course, this also applies to other cryptocurrencies.

Start saving cryptocurrencies now

Do you want to protect yourself against inflation? We can help you with that. Start today and easily set up your personal crypto savings plan!