For years, Litecoin has had the image of "bitcoin's little brother", but this may soon change. This is because LTC's team wishes to make a more privacy-friendly coin, which distinguishes it from bitcoin.

Will this be reflected in the exchange rate? In this article, we'll look at the expectations for the next few years. What are the projections for 2022 until 2025?

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Short-term expectations

Is now a good time to buy litecoin? Below we give you the short-term projections of Tradingview:




Litecoin price prediction for the next few years

What do we expect the next few years? Below you can read the long-term projections of cryptocurrency analysis agency Coinpriceforecast.

Litecoin price prediction 2022

After a year full of fireworks, peace returns to the crypto market. Analysts expect litecoin to reach a peak of nearly € 200 in June. After that, the price will go down a little, to end up around € 188 by the end of the year.

Litecoin forecast between 2023 and 2025

Get ready for new records! According to analysts, litecoin will reach a new all-time high by the end of 2024, with an exchange rate of € 328. But that is just an appetiser. By the end of 2025, litecoin will push through € 400.

Year June December % compared to the start of 2021
2022   € 188 84%
2023 € 230 € 271 165%
2024 € 312 € 328 221%
2025 € 365 € 402 293%
2026 € 438 € 474 364%
2027 € 493 € 527 415%
2028 € 561 € 595 482%
2029 € 628 € 661 547%
2030 € 694 € 727 611%
2031 € 760 € 793 676%
2032 € 727 € 755 639%
2033 € 783 € 811 693%
Litecoin predictions
Litecoin predictions

Historical price analysis of Litecoin


Litecoin is one of the first altcoins and can be traded on international crypto exchanges since 2013. The coin was marketed in time for the first big bull run.

In May 2013, you could buy one LTC for only € 2.60. The exchange rate fluctuated between € 1.50 and € 2 almost all year long. October was the lowest point, with a price of only € 1.13.

From that moment on, things changed very, very quickly. In November LTC reached its first true peak of nearly € 37. It would be another four years before that price was equalled.


All year long, litecoin's exchange rate declined. In mid December, litecoin hit the lowest point of the year, at € 2.23.


Fastforward to 2017. In that year, Litecoin establishes itself as a kind of testing network for bitcoin.

First, SegWit was implemented successfully, and then the Lightning Network. Both technical solutions ensure the transaction network of litecoin becomes faster and more scalable.

Pair this up with the positive mood of 2017 and what you get is a year full of price records. In Augustus, Litcoin broke the psychological barrier of € 50.

But the fun didn't stop there. In December, litecoin peaked at over € 300.


The year after that was one that traders would like to (but will not soon) forget. The exchange rate plummeted to € 23 in December.


This year looked a lot like a particularly tough stage of the Tour de France. It started off with a steep climb towards € 124. Then the price started to plummet towards the end of the year. With a price of € 38 in December, Litecoin was just about right where it started off.


In 2020, Litecoin started off well, reaching nearly € 80 in February. But the Coronavirus Pandemic spoiled things, and halfway into March, the exchange rate was suddenly € 23, the lowest price since 2018.

For a few months, the price darted around € 40, peaking at € 50 in August.

From the end of September, litecoin recovered. By the end of the year it pushed through the magical barrier of € 100.

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Invest wisely

Litecoin is a promising coin, but be mindful that the crypto market is very volatile. That's why you should never invest more than you're prepared to lose. We also recommend you do your own research as well. On our news site, you can read the latest news on Litecoin. Good luck!