Ripple's ambition is to become the solution for international payments through colaborations with international banks and payment providers. Can ripple fullfill these ambitions with their XRP token.

In this article we will take a look at the predictions for XRP's future.

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Short term predictions

Is now a good time to buy XRP? Below is Tradingview's short-term forecast:


 Forecast for the coming years

What do we expect from the coming years? Read below the long-term forecast from cryptocurrency analysis firm Coinpriceforcast.

What are Ripple's expectations for 2024?

A new price record? That's not in the cards for now, according to analysts. However, they do expect a nice green year for Ripple, with a minimum price of €0.5200 and €1.27 as a bang for the buck.

What are Ripple's expectations for 2025?

For 2025, analysts do expect a new price record. XRP shoots up to €1.24 and even to €1.47 by the end of 2025.

What are Ripple's expectations for 2026 and 2027?

XRP continues to rise steadily thereafter. The price starts with a nice price of €1.71 in 2026. As we approach the end of 2026, XRP continues to show a steady rise, reaching €2.06. This positive trend continues into the next year, with experts predicting the price of XRP to reach a high of €2.23 in September of 2027. By the end of 2027, analysts put the counter at €2.65.

What are Ripple's expectations in 2030?

Expectations for Ripple's XRP in 2030 are promising, with analysts predicting a period of increased stability and growth. Following a series of developments and increasing adoption across various sectors, XRP is expected to reach an impressive value of €4.34 by 2030.

YearJuneDecember% compared to the start of 2024

Historical Analysis of Ripple

Ripple's token XRP has been trading since 2014. The coin was worth less than €0,01 in the first years. Starting from 2017 it started moving quickly though. Here an overview of the most important events of the past years.


XRP was relatively stable at €0,006 at the start of 2017. But this is the epic bullrun of 2017 we are talking about, so expect plenty of fireworks.

The price shot up to €0,05 at the start of March. That was only the beginning, in May a new movement started. All of a sudden, XRP was worth €0,36! That might not look like much, but that is an increase of 5.900% in little under 4 months. 

But the party wasn't over just yet. Ripple closed the year at almost €2,00. A ridiculous 33.233% increase.


Bitcoin reached its temprorary all-time high in December 2017, but altcoins did one better. In the first week of January, XRP shot up to €2,82. That is still its absolute all-time high.

This would have been a great moment to sell in hindsight. At the end of January the price was just trading around €1,00

XRP fell to its bottom of €0,24 in September. A ressurection followed, Ripple announced the release of its new platform xRapid. This new platform would use XRP for international transactions. Investors were very enthusiastic and the price was doubled in a few days.

XRP couldn't hold that price sadly. The coin closed the year around €0,36


2019 was a frustrating year for XRP. the first half looked good, it grew to almost €0,42 in June. But the cryptocoin quickly fell after that. XRP reached its lowest point in 2 years at €0,17


XRP started 2020 of well. The price shot up to €0,30 in February. From there it went downhill quickly again.

The rapid spread of the coronavirus left huge damages in the financial markets, XRP was no exception. The price reached a bottom of €0,12.

A nice discount, because in November the price almost went vertically up to €0,58.  Which in turn would have been a great time to sell the coins, after this the coin plummeted back to €0,17. This was mainly due to a lawsuit between teh SEC and Ripple. 




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3 years


5 years


Ripple prediction video 2022-2025

Prefer a video? Check out our predictions for XRP for the coming years.

Invest safely

Ripple is a promising coin, but remember that the cryptomarket is very volatile. Never invest more than you are willing to lose. We also strongly advise you to do your own research. On our news site you can find the latest news on Ripple.