EOS has large ambitions. The team behind the cryptocurrency wants to compete with Ethereum in the field of smart contracts. EOS promises a fast and scalable blockchain, with up to 1 million transactions per second. Will it manage to steal Ethereum's crown?

In this article, we'll look at the long-term projections for EOS. What are the projections for 2021 until 2025?

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Short-term expectations

Is now a good time to buy EOS? Below we give you the short-term projections of Tradingview:





EOS price prediction for the next few years

What do we expect the next few years? Below you can read the long-term projections of cryptocurrency analysis agency Coinpriceforecast.

However, they do expect a steady rise towards € 5.12 by the end of the year. This is still a 153 % increase since the start of the year.

 EOS price prediction 2022

In the first half of the year, EOS will keep on rising steadily. In June, the cryptocurrency will reach a price of € 5.91. In the last few months of 2022, things will go more quickly. EOS will conclude the year with a price of € 7.68. A 260 % increase compared to the start of 2021.Wat zijn de verwachtingen van EOS in 2023?

EOS forecast between 2023 and 2025

According to analysts, EOS will maintain this nice increase. In 2023, EOS will break the € 10 barrier for the first time since 2021. At the start of 2025, the exchange rate will rise to € 15, the highest price since January 2018.


Year June December % compared to the start of 2021
2022   € 7,68 260%
2023 € 9,41 € 11,10 421%
2024 € 12,77 € 14,41 576%
2025 € 15,27 € 15,41 623%
2026 € 16,80 € 17,70 731%
2027 € 16,90 € 15,14 610%
2028 € 16,11 € 17,08 701%
2029 € 18,04 € 19,00 792%
2030 € 17,22 € 18,04 746%
2031 € 18,85 € 16,89 693%
2032 € 17,58 € 18,27 757%
2033 € 18,96 € 19,64 822%

Historical price analysis of EOS


EOS was born in 2017. The coin started at a value of € 1.97 in July. The first months weren't very profitable. EOS dipped to € 0.42 in November.

But from that point on, the way up began. EOS concluded the year at a value of € 7.47.


Most alt coins peaked in January 2018, but EOS is a special case. Midway into January, EOS reached a price of over € 15, after which it retreated to € 3.77 in March.

But in contrast to other coins, this would have been a great time to buy the dip. After that, the price rose to € 17.55.

That increase was probably because of the announcement of EOS's mainnet. The coin was first launched as a token on the Ethereum network. But from June 2018, EOS has been an independent coin with its own blockchain. The events leading up to this moment interested many investors.

After this peak, not even EOS could escape a dip. The 2018 dip? No more than € 1.52.


EOS started off the year wonderfully. The exchange rate skyrocketed and the peak of € 7.67 was reached in June. From that moment onwards, the price sadly declined again. EOS closed the year at a value of € 2.35.


Back when Corona was still just a beer brand and you could just go to work with a runny nose, EOS rose to nearly € 5 in February.

Then it hit. From an epidemic in China to a global pandemic with far-reaching consequences - the spread of the Coronavirus shook the world. Financial markets crashed, and the crypto market was no exception.

Less than a month later, EOS had plummeted to € 1.69, almost a 66% decrease.

In retrospect, that would have been the perfect time to buy the dip. The rest of the year, EOS fluctuated widely between € 2 and € 3. The real day trader could make a lot of profits in 2020, by buying and selling at the right times.




1 year


2 years

4 years

Will EOS rise in 2022 - 2025 ?

Prefer to watch a video? Check the projections for EOS for the next few years here.

Invest wisely

EOS is a promising coin, but be mindful that the crypto market is very volatile. That's why you should never invest more than you're prepared to lose. We also recommend you do your own research as well. On our news site, you can read the latest news on EOS. Good luck!